The payment can be delay for one day.

It seems I did not write/reply long time. It was busy time so i was not able to proper communication, I apologies for it, especially to whom, who has been sent many email and instant message but have not a reply from my side. Also I like to thank you for your continue support to this project.

 To keep this project ongoing, I have to make some decision against my own choose and which I do not like to do. I have not anything more excepted to this project and I am not dependence to this project. But I do believe, that project help few thousand family to survive better, directly or indirectly. So I needed to discharge the manager Mr Hung Tran DOG, (Read DUC, He is dog to me, not you) today he leave his responsibility from this project but  Unofficially, he leaves his responsibility before few months ago. During this time he wanted to go many time so i requested him personally to carry it but it does not help in anything, it’s worthless to have a person who are careless to this project.  In my life, whoever said to leave in any situation, they must be terminated even it was mistake or anything else. But considering good for this project, I did not accepted his lave request which I did not done for anybody yet.

We have doing less and every day this going down. This project needs a good manager. I will find a manager, until find a manager, I will take care this. Also we have made a support portal for you. You will have all needs in or  please try to  contact by posting a support ticket, instead of  sending email.

The payment for last week can be delayed to Sunday. We will try to settle payment in Saturday but incase if you do not received payment in Saturday, please do not contact for payment and wait till Sunday.  If you do not receive payment in Sunday evening, please post a support ticket in our support portal, Also note that , payment will send as like before and will not change instead of last week.


Thank you again.


Sukat Reza

Fasttypers Administrator.

N.B:  Server is faster from 6 PM to Next day morning and we need more worker this time.