A mixed message for admins

Let’s start with good news? Yes! No, while end supposed to bad, the good have no means. end is matter regardless of the beginning. So end is good, everything are good. end is bad everything are worst.
The bad news to you (admins), we will not terminate worker anymore! We are bored to fired yet 125k worker account during few months. So what will happen, if we do not monitor worker and terminate bad people, the project must go off! So it is what they want. But I’m am not ready to be a looser, I also don’t want the GAME to continue anymore, so let say, GAME OVER.
What about, if we lock the door and lock the window as well? Yes, that is what we going to do, lock the door and lock the windows. The door is new admin account and the window is the current active account, so Let's stop taking new admin, the door is closed-No more new admin will be provided. No more new application will be consider in near future. Finally, we have cleaned the garbage, now only less than one hundred admin account remain active. I do believe, 95% of them are used to good people. But in any case if those so called good admin bring multiple bad worker to us, we will terminate admin as I said, we won’t terminate worker anymore.
As we cleaned everything, now the good worker will have better flow compared to past. we will able to do everything to support new operator, as we can show a positive attitude to the new people. Current admin will able to rebuild their teams as there will constant flow and more work, while we will not give a new account, the work we will have are dedicated to those people.
Now, its your choose, that system will remain clean or will be garbage again. If you care the project, the project will care you. Those stupid people, who used to harm us actually having nothing for doing it, just helping our enemy for free but they made me suffered a lot. You got to believe me, if there are work available, its will flow faster than the software but the software you will run - badly attack our server using your computer, those tool are bullshit. The work is limited everywhere and the worker also limited.
I just want to inform all, there has been a great flow at maximum speed during Afternoon to midnight. The start time approx. 2-3 PM (GMT +6) to midnight according server time. In Vietnam timing its start at 1-2 PM and stay good till midnight, in Indian time it’s up to 2 PM to midnight. Although, we have very slow flow at midnight to early morning but there was good flow at morning. Thank you for your support.
Kind Regards,