Clearance regarding contact method

Again I want to confirm and remind everyone, as we received some query asking that, do we have some Facebook/some other page/account/blog. The answer is NO and it will NO forever. We have not such a page/blog/account, as well, all person involved in fasteners official managements have no such thing. Here only place for contacting and getting support is the support portal, which with a subdomain of . The full url is:
As alternative, we do response or send email from 2 account with the same domain. The email ids is and But we encourage to use the support portal to contact and communicating. Indeed, we do not send an email/reply to operator/ordinary people except current active admins and the only option is support portal.
N.B: we do not provide phone support. Collecting official phone number and disturbing them are treated as harassment and we take series action including terminate the accounts. Infect, disturbing someone do not help to get attention.