Do not use multiple TAB/Browser/Window unless you know why you do that!

If you want to get fired so you don’t need to work hard anymore, you may use multiple TAB/Widow/Browser to get your account fired soon. We will glad to close and delete it as soon as we get it, as like previous 300K account.

Multiple TAB/Browser/window can give us a false positive and identify yourself as a 3rt party software user. Check either one TAB/Windows/Browser speed is slow or faster, if faster, work here, and if slow try another project. If it faster, than only one Tab/Windows/Browser is enough for anyone but while it its slow, it will slow at all regardless of number of tab. It do not make any sense to open many TAB/Window/Browser and get your account fired.

Dot not try to work in all project at once and make all of them slow,  better to check which one is fine at now and work for it, and let other people work with good speed here and there.  Do not try to test us, it being a much than stupid idea. I defeated the Devil itself, so devil fellows or whatever is not wroth for me! Good luck.