Do not harm us, we won’t harm you!

Well, we have a few support issue recently by asking what is the accepted Timeout/Error/Orphan can harm the account. Though, some people also mentioned, they think they have a lower number of error level, not just suspended but fired!

Huh! strange  but I did not surprised much, as I believed sometime, god made evil and human in a same form, since when human sell his/her soul to evil, soul the  of the human acquired by the evil, therefore an evil soul left in the body. So logically, these human body with the only evil soul is pretended to not changeable. They do not deserve mercy but as a human, we must supposed to mercy to everyone so the GOD will mercy us.

The evil never trended to use the great of mercy, as they have nothing to do with it. So it seemed to be so static. To comply with the static rule, we also have a static rule, which we had from very old days... That is how it work. That have nothing to do with the accuracy, timeout, orphan or so on.
As always, we have reasonably accept a good level of error, which is very convinced to our legitimate operator. As always, we give enough time to the new operator to learn good typing, while we do compromise in the rule. Certainly, we try to do everything to support a new operator to stay on the race and we do our best to make sure, everyone had enough time to improve their skill.

As opposite of our legitimate operator, we had received a great number of fraud worker. They are the evil that mentioned earlier. They do harm us directly in a violent way, also they make it difficult to our legitimate operator to work in the system. To protect us and our operator, we made a static rule in the old day, any operator with any kind of 3rt party software will treated as fraud worker. Once we identify an operator as fraud worker, it’s just supposed to be fired in the moment, regardless of the any terms and level of compromise we provided to the legit met worker.

Once we identify and confirmed a fraud worker, it will be fired it in a sec! Regardless of any other status, though 99% accuracy won’t make an exception. It’s very simple, as it always, and it’s always to be simple.

Kind Regards,
Sukat reza
“Do not harm us or our operator, we won’t harm you in any situation, as I promised, the mercy was last and it won’t happen again, though if this project stop due to no worker”