No more request, no more swear to GOD.

Who have submitted a support ticket to reactive accounts, also who have not submitted a support ticket, all suspended and fired operator/admin account has been activated. Now I swear to your GOD, Please no more request in future, No more swear to GOD, No more any kind of request, I won’t response to any cool word anymore.
I cannot have any more mercy to you, because, I cannot lost my business, I cannot understand, how people except mercy while they play against me, Who using 3rt party software is my best enemy, and I am not so kind of great people who will mercy for his own enemy.
Why people do not understand, if software do not do any problem, why we should waste few thousand dollar to prevent software’s. I clearly say now, some software and other shit things made by our worst enemy, Using these software means, you working for our enemy, your work do not help us, but it’s do harm us, Therefore, no one can except get pay for doing work for our enemy. It’s fair enough to do not except anything from us when you work with software’s.
Our server are faster at most of peak hours, therefore, other time won’t be fast with software or without software, when server are faster, it will faster in browser, the best timing is 6 PM to 8 AM, we have huge flow during these hours, the flow will stay up to 16 hours except Sunday.
Kind Regards,
Sukat Reza