What is the rules again!

We am really wondering, why people think himself too smarter or why they too stupid. Fasttypers are completing its 5th years at the July 2014, so people should already aware, there are no way to bypass fasttypers rules and regulation. But it’s disappointing, violation still happening, also many innocent people make a wrong step to being a victim of shit guys. So we had a plan to improve and fix problems on fasteners, it will more difficult to work against our rules and regulation so, it will very stupid decision for your account if you choose to violet. Therefore, we will work for a real faster server, at least, we will make our server super faster from 6 PM to 8 AM, and it must be a good news for good guys.
We have a news for our friends from 100% honest and great people country, wow, we are talking about Vietnam. So great guys, do not make us block all Vietnam ips. If so, at least some teams should be committed to us. We hope, team of great country will be great to us as soon as possible. Do not suck this project anymore. Be good or be away.
To contact with fasttypers management, please post a support ticket on our support portal, we will back to you as soon as possible. But do not be faster, do not call anyone directly. Specially, people from Bangladesh, Do not mad to be quicker, we are sure. It will not help you but fired you.
Some reminder of Fasttypers Rules:
  1. Do not use any 3rt party software, multi-server software’s. If worker use software, admin will responsible for it
  2. Do not sell any kind of account to anyone. Do not sell any registration or similar purpose. Any account to any person must be totally free, either locally or globally.  
  3. Do not sell any multi server software or any related software, whatever it’s for fasttypers or any other project. To work in fasttypers, you have to agree that, you will not involve to any related software’s buy-selling.
  4.  You cannot take any security or any other deposit.
  5. You must maintain your operators work quality and pay on date.
  6. And other rules and regulations.
  1. Do not use any 3rt party software or multi server software’s. If you use, you will get fired today or tomorrow. There no way to carry work on such software’s.
  2. If someone suggest you to use software, do not work for that admin, it is a clear sign of cheater people.
  3. Do not pay a single cent for buy an account or any software, there are no such thing in the world. If someone ask money, that is cheater.
  4. Flow our typing rules properly. Such as, if captcha not visible or not clear press unknown, Dot not type Black or no image or anything else.
  5. Do not waste captchas, do not make timeout, and do best effort to prevent timeouts.
  6. There nothing for experimental, its professional jobs and make sure, you are series to your work.
  7. Check our support sites, blog, news etc to have updated informations.
  8. All other rules are applicable.
  1. Do not buy any admin or other account and any softwares for fasttypers and other captcha project as well. No one allow transfer ownership and its sickly prohibited everywhere.
  2. Paying someone will not give you a favor and advantage to us.
  3. Do not disturb people for admin account, when people need admin, they will looking for you. Requesting too much do not get a favor but get a bad idea about you.
  4. Do not try to become admin before become a worker.
  5. Whoever ask for money, Asking Money is the biggest sign of cheater in this industry.
  6. Certainly, before get a account or start work, make sure, you are a good typers.
Hope, we will have a great week.
Happy weekend.
Best Regards,
Afrin Neuaz and Sabur Khan
Fasttypers Management Team.