We are waiting for your account information to send payment.

Hello admins,
  1. If you have any other payment method instead of Perfect Money or bikash, Please post a support ticket in fasteners payment department with your perfect money or bikash account information. Please mention your username and password in the support ticket so we can confirm this account with you so we can update payment method.  who already have Perfect money or bikash as payment method, please ignore this notice, you no need update it as we already have your perfectmoney or bikash account.
  2. We will responsible to your payment from 5 March 2014. So if you have any other due before 5 March, please contact with Mr Hung Trac Duc, as we paid him till that day.
  3. Again I aware the people who have been receiving payment in local bank or webmoney or any other method, please stop work if you cannot take perfect money or bikash payment.
  4. Payment by Payoneer prepaid card is possible if the payment amount $20 or more, because payoneer allow minimum $20 for personal payments.
  5. As I am again your manager, I have opened all suspended worker and admin account so if you have been suspended, your account is active now. Fired account cannot be reactive as per our rules. And notice that, suspending again and again will cause your account can be fired.
  6. Our server has been faster from 6 PM to next days 9-10 AM so, ask your people work in these hours, also get more people for this timing, also note that, there are very rare images in day time, so do not get worker for day time.
Kind Regards,